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What is ECOEA?

ECOEA-colored-logo-map1ECOEA is one of the 10 District Associations that make up the OEA network. This structure assures that decisions are made by representatives from all parts of the state, as the delegates to the OEA Representative Assembly are elected yearly within each of the 10 OEA Districts at the Local Association level.

About 2/3rds of the OEA Board of Directors members are elected from units within the District Associations, and ECOEA is comprised of three of these units. Each District Association also has a representative on each of the various OEA Committees.

 ECOEA is…the link between your local and the Ohio Education Association. Through ECOEA you elect representative to the OEA Representative Assembly, the OEA Board of Directors, and OEA Committees. These are YOUR representatives. The persons you elect to the OEA Board of Directors also serve as voting members of the ECOEA Executive Committee.

ECOEA is…an organization that offers workshops to inform its members of professional issues relevant to the educational setting. It provides training for local leaders. It offers Public Relations Grants to local associations to enhance the image of public education. It offers the William and Delores Quinn Scholarships for members and their children at the Spring Representative Assembly, and three additional ECOEA member unit scholarships that are awarded at the Fall Representative Assembly. It offers additional professional development scholarships allowing members to attend OEA Summer Academy, OEA Collective Bargaining Conference, and other leadership development opportunities.

ECOEA is…its membership. It works to improve education and our profession through its elected and appointed leadership.

ECOEA..the link between your local and the Ohio Education Association.