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OEA Summer Academy Scholarships-Deadline: May 23rd

August 3-5, 2015

* School of Collective Bargaining

* School of Association Leadership
* School of Communications, Organizing and Political Action
* School of Professional Advocacy and Leadership
(OEA website online registration opening May 1st)

By providing the financial incentives of 3 District Scholarships and 3 OEA Matching Grants, the Districts and OEA can attract prospective and emerging leaders and develop latent potential in ways that renew and strengthen the Association at all levels.  The following guidelines will be used in selecting scholarship recipients:

1) The three criteria for receiving an ECOEA or Matching Grant scholarship for the annual OEA Leadership Conference (Leadership Academy) will be…
a– prospective or emerging leaders…
b– members with 10 or fewer years of experience…
c– members from locals that have not been represented at the leadership conference in recent years.

2)  The ECOEA scholarships and OEA Matching Grants will pay the $100 conference registration fee and lodging for two nights at the designated or overflow hotel.  The grants will not cover any other travel expenses.  *******************************************************************************

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