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OEA-R/NEA-R Pre-Retired Forms

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OEA-R(etired) is encouraging you to continue your Association membership  and benefits during your retirement years by becoming an OEA-R/NEA-R Lifetime member. All of the benefits you enjoy as an active member now can be continued for the remainder of your life. If you have any of the insurance programs or other benefits with NEA you MUST remain a member in your retirement years to continue to participate in those programs. You are eligible to join as a Pre-Retired member anytime in your career—–you do not need to be nearing retirement. It is a wise investment to join years ahead of your projected retirement date as the dues continue to increase every few years

For additional information on what is available as a retired member, go to www.ohea.org and then click on OEA RETIRED MEMBERS or go to www.nea.org/retired