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ECOEA In-Service Meeting Funds for Locals Application

East Central Ohio Education Association
Inservice Meeting Funds Application

Local associations may qualify for financial assistance for
Inservice meetings sponsored by locals or boards of education
if the following criteria are met:

(1) ECOEA must be recognized as supporter and contributor of funds
(i.e. media releases, invitations, announcements, etc.)

(2) Inservice meetings must be open to all members of the local association.

(3) Requests must be submitted for the Business Manager’s approval prior
to any Inservice meeting for which financial assistance is required.

(4) Financial assistance will be provided for one (1) meeting per year in the
amount of $0.50 (fifty cents) per UEP of the local association, not to exceed $150. 

Inservice Funds pic Newcomerstown March 2013 Kathy Ellis and Katie CarruthersECOEA Inservice fund grant
in action! . Goodie bags for
Newcomerstown Teachers
Association members during
their waiver/inservice day.
NTA members Kathy Ellis
and Katie Carruthers thank
ECOEA for their support.


Presidents may use this link to apply for In-service Funds: