ECOEA Summer Leadership Workshop 2019

The ECOEA Summer Leadership Workshop will be held on Monday, July 15, at RG Drage Career Tech Center, 2800 Richville Dr. SE, Massillon. There are sessions appropriate for all educators-ESPs, early career and experienced members. We want to keep you leading and learning!

Open to ALL ECOEA members, choose the sessions that interest you! Continental breakfast, lunch, door prizes, PD hours certiicate, and great networking all in one day right here in the ECOEA District at NO CHARGE to members! Non-association members and retirees welcome for a $15 guest fee.

8:15 AM-9:00 AM  Registration-check in and enjoy a continental breakfast.

9:00 AM-11:00 AM Morning session choices are:

  • STRS-Financial Fitness-for our certified early and mid-career members. Learn more about your pension system, how to use investment tools now to prepare for your retirement later. Led by John Buch of STRS, this is a must for every educator. Protect your financial retirement.
  • OEA Treasurers’ Workshop-Led by OEA Secretary-Treasurer Mark Hill, this is the training required of all treasurers or their representative. Learn the details of being a local treasurer, good financial practices, required reporting, forms, and more. Bring your Treasurers’ Handbook.
  • Communication as an Equity Tool-Led by OEA Consultant Demetrice Davis, participants will recognize the role of everyday language in creating equitable outcomes for each student and student groups.
  • Building Rep Training-Led by OEA Labor Relations Consultant Tom Booth, learn your rights and role as a Building Rep as your represent your members on a daily basis. This is a good session for anyone wanting more information about job protection under your contract.

11:15 AM-12:15 PM Mini-Session:

  • OEA Treasurers’ Working Workshop-novice treasurers are invited to stay and work with Mark Hill as they assume their new roles as treasurer, ask questions, and use this opportunity to interact with other new treasurers. ECOEA has three local treasurers (Brian Richeson, Plain LTA; Mary Grunder, Minerva LEA; Gretta Patrick, North Canton EA) who have received the Financial Fitness Award and will be here to help interested treasurers on their path to Financial Fitness. They will help you get started, discuss the application process and share their experience.
  • Mandatory Reporting is Not Just Common Sense-Led by OEA Consultant Ellen Adornetto, Data trends show an increase in educators being disciplined for not fulfilling their legal obligation to report suspected abuse, neglect and maltreatment. Is it teacher preparation programs failing to provide this training? Is it overwhelmed social services refusing to take reports? Come take a look at the data and definitions behind abuse, neglect and maltreatment along with the required procedure for reporting.
  • Build Your Contract Wishlist-Led by OEA Labor Relations Consultant Tom Booth, participants will look at unique items in contracts that you may want to consider when you next negotiate. Think outside the box and gather ideas for contract items for your members and local association. Learn how to use the SERB site to explore contract language. Bring your ideas and your contract to share. A laptop or device will be helpful.
  • Legislative Update-hear from OEA Political Advocacy Consultant Zach Roberts about current legislation that affects you, your job and your students.

12:15 PM-12:45 PM Brown Bag Lunch by Main Street Deli of Navarre.

12:45 PM-1:00 PM Whole group session-led by ECOEA officers. Door prizes, information.

1:00 PM-3:00 PM Afternoon Sessions:

  • Local Leaders Roundtable-Local Association officers get together to share ideas about their Association. Topics chosen by the group such as Membership Drives, Service Projects, Elections, Trainings, Resources. Led by ECOEA Local Presidents and LRC Tom Booth.
  • Google Your Way to a Stress-free Day-Learn basic tricks, tips, and ideas that will relieve you of the stress caused by those tiny tech issues. Bring your device to play along! Our presenter is Stefanie Lyons, Plain Local TA.
  • 2019 Code of Conduct:What Good teachers Don’t Know Will Hurt Them! -led by Ellen Adornetto, OEA Consultant. Granted the Code of Conduct hasn’t been updated since its inception in 2008. The new expectations rightfully address the advances of technology and social media. But what else is in there? Assessment policy?  Fitness for Duty? How about Money Handling? Come find out what you need to know to protect your career and profession.
  • Wearing Red is Not Enough; How Educators Can Change Their Schools-Led by Zach Roberts, OEA Political Advocacy Consultant, be an activist for political action at all levels beginning with your local school board.


No charge or deposit for OEA members. Non-member guests and retirees please mail a nonrefunded guest fee of $15 for your registration. Mail your check to:


129 Easton ST NE Suite 103

Canton, OH 44721