OEA Scholarship and Award Opportunities

OEA offers the following scholarship and award opportunities to members and locals each year.  Click on the titles below for nomination and scholarship applications for each of the offerings.  

Deadline for submission of nominations and applications was January 29, 2016.


8_2015-2016 Blue Ribbon Award


10_2015-2016 Human-Civil Form

11_2015-2016 JFK Form

12_2015-2016 Jean Kershaw Form

13_2015-2016 Marilyn Cross Form

14_2015-2016 Media Form

15_2015-2016 PIR Award

Several ECOEA members were OEA Award recipients.  Each received their award at the annual OEA Awards Banquet in 2012.
Kelli Green, member of the Perry Classroom Teachers Association, received the OEA Media Award for Public Service for her outstanding efforts in the petition drive to repeal SB5 and the defeat of Issue 2 at the polls… Kelli had her mom, Kathleen Green, a former member of the Massillon EA and now an OEA-Retired member, on hand for the Award ceremonies… 

   Mandy Bankert, here with her husband, was the recipient of the OEA John F. Kennedy Scholarship.  Mandy received a $4000 award that is presented each year to a member who is a career teacher enrolled in a graduate level program and in need of financial assistance.

Megan Farver, member of the Garaway Teachers Association received the OEA Marilyn Cross Scholarship.  Megan, pictured here with her husband, received a $2000 award granted annually  to a career teacher for graduate work in a program directly linked to his/her current area of licensure. 

ECOEA Executive Committee members and Delegates  join in a group picture to support and applaud the Scholarship and Award winners from the ECOEA District