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ECOEA Expiring Terms 2019

To declare your candidacy for an office that will be filled at the ECOEA Spring Representative Assembly on April 13, 2019, your Letter of Intent must reach the ECOEA Business Manager no later than March 14, 2019, in order for your name to appear on the ballot. Please be sure to state your name, local, and the position.

Positions with expiring terms in 2019 are:

OEA Board of Directors Unit 3 (must be from a local in Unit III,  OEA Declaration of Candidacy due to OEA January 21, 2019)

ECOEA President

ECOEA Vice President

ECOEA Recording Secretary

Stark County Rep #1

Stark County Rep #2

Stark County Rep #4

Tuscarawas County Rep

Term expires for the following OEA Committee position:

Professional Efficacy

Open ECOEA Executive seats and OEA Committee seats currently vacant and eligible for appointment. Please call the ECOEA office if interested an appointment.

Carroll County Rep. (must be from a Carroll County local)