ECOEA Rep Assembly Incentive Grants 2019-2020

ECOEA encourages locals to elect and send delegates to represent the voice of your members at the ECOEA Spring Representative Assembly and the Fall and Spring OEA Representative Assemblies. This incentive grant of $250 will be awarded on a first come/first served basis to locals who apply and complete the requirements of the grant. The grant money is offered to the Local to help offset the Local’s expenses involved in sending delegates (mileage, hotel, meals). No further documentation is required beyond attendance/voting verification.

The grant requirements are:

  1. Open to Local Associations that have not elected and sent OEA delegates to the ECOEA and OEA Representative Assemblies in the past five years.
  2. Four grants of $250 will be awarded, one per Local Association that applies.
  3. Locals will be considered on a first come/first served basis.
  4. Locals must send at least ONE delegate (or an elected alternate) to the Fall and  Spring ECOEA Representative Assemblies and the Fall and Spring OEA Representative Assemblies. Attendance will be verified by sign-in sheets at the ECOEA RA and by the attendance and voting reports at the OEA Representative Assemblies.
  5. Payment will be provided after attendance verification to the Local Association.
  6. Should a Local Association not meet the attendance requirement, the next in line Local Association will be considered for the grant.
  7. The ECOEA Executive Committee has the final decision in awarding this incentive grant.

The Local President should complete this on-line application in order to be considered for the grant. The Local President will be notified of their position for consideration after October 15, 2019. Please call the ECOEA office at (330) 499-8587 if you have any questions.

Local Presidents may apply at this link: