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ECOEA Public Relations Grant Application 2021-2022

East Central Ohio Education Association Public Relations Grant

Got a great idea for your members to connect with the community? Need some start-up funds for a special project that will promote your local in the community? Apply for a $500 Public Relations Grant ! ECOEA offers Public Relations Grants of up to $500. The next round of PR grants is now open for the Fall 2021 PR grants. To be eligible to apply, your local had to elect and send delegates to the ECOEA Rep Assembly last year.

Be sure to elect and send delegates every year to the ECOEA and OEA Representative Assemblies so your local will be eligible for ECOEA PR Grants! Use the link below to apply.


The following guidelines will be used for the proposal:

(1) Projects should promote education through the educator, the local
association, and ECOEA.

(2) Projects which enhance local education status will be given first consideration.

(3) ECOEA’s name should be prominently displayed in any publicity and should be
credited with assisting in the presentation of the project.

(4) Grants will be made for first time proposals as a way of initiating a PR Project
in a local association.

(5) Grants will be given to a maximum of $500.00 per local association.

(6) Deadline for proposals will be determined annually.

(7) Grants will be awarded at the ECOEA Representative Assembly.

(8) In order to be eligible for a PR Grant, locals must have elected delegates who attended the ECOEA RA the previous year. (policy 2/12/14)