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ECOEA Finance for All Educators Workshop January 25, 2020

Finance for All Educators Workshop 
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Canton Courtyard Marriott near Kohl’s in the Belden Village area 




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This year we are offering a variety of sessions for you so you can design your own workshop to meet your needs. Whether you are an early career or mid-career teacher (certified member, STRS member) or a ESP (certified member, SERS member), we have a variety of financial tools to help you understand your money from paycheck to retirement!

NOTE: If you are an STRS member (certified) we encourage you to visit the STRS website and find a Retirement Countdown presentation near you, also available as a webinar. You are welcome to attend our Finances for All Educators Workshop, but if you are 1-2 years from retirement, you need to prepare with a Retirement Countdown presentation from STRS.

At our Finances for All Educators Workshop, build your schedule from these diverse sessions:

  • 8:00 AM-9:00 AM-Early bird session! Understanding Your Paycheck, Julie Nelson, ECOEA and North Canton EA President. What parts of your paycheck are negotiated, what is provided in state law, where does your money go? Learn more about what you earn and what you are entitled to in this presentation.
  • 9:00 AM-10:00 AM- 457B, whole group presentation, Ohio Deferred Compensation Plan, an alternative investment vehicle for public employees, how this differs from the more familiar 403B. Open to all certified and classified members. Presented by Tom Tornabene, 457B Investment Advisor.
  • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM STRS Financial Fitness-Learn more about STRS, where 14% of your paycheck goes each month and what you can expect when you retire. Will that be enough to retire and when can you retire? What choices do you have about your STRS retirement plan? What other financial activities should you be doing to supplement your STRS retirement? This is for our CERTIFIED members. Presented by John Buch, STRS Member Education.
  • 10:00 AM -12:00 PM SERS-Welcome to the State Employees Retirement System– Learn more about your pension system and if you are already retired, how it works with your Social Security benefits. This is for our CLASSIFIED members. Presented by Cameron Vaughan, SERS Member Education.
  • 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Erasing Student Loans and Debt:  Student loan repayment, cancellation, forgiveness, and management options  With 44 million borrowers and $1.6 TRILLION in outstanding debt, the impact of student loans is impacting not only borrowers but communities at large.  Despite Betsy Devos’ resistance to loan forgiveness, it remains available to education employees.  Depending on where you work, what you do and what types of loans are outstanding, teachers and EDUCATION SUPPORT PERSONNEL may be eligible to have all or some of their loans forgiven.  And with the new NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Navigation Tool, NEA members can determine if there is a more economically advantageous payment option as well as determine which forgiveness option(s) are applicable and provides the tools to apply – for free! Presented by Guy Kendall-Freas, NEA Member Benefits
  • 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Creating a Low Cost Pinterest-Worthy Classroom-welcome to Casey Boehm, O.N.E. member from Bowling Green EA and O.N.E. member Lindsey DeLong. Join us and learn how to be a fun, flexible, and fiscally responsible early career educator! In this session we will create a safe, fun, and Pinterest-worthy environment on a low budget. During this session we will share many tangible ideas that you can apply in your classroom right away. You will also leave with recommendations, resources, and strategies regarding classroom management, PBIS, and more. This session is perfect for general and special education teachers.

Breakfast will be available 7:45 AM-9:15 AM and may be eaten during the workshop sessions. Coffee, tea, soda and water will be available all morning. Not an early riser? Just start the day at 9:00 AM and skip the early-bird 8:00 AM session!

There is a refundable $10 deposit required to hold your RSVP and it should be received within one week of your RSVP. All RSVPs not secured with a deposit on the deadline to register date will be dropped. Please mail your deposit when your RSVP is made so you don’t forget! Deadline for deposit and RSVP is January 18, 2020.

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